Film Photography
Film Photography

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Very well, the idea of ​​this section, is to see how the evolution of the art and challenge of analog photography is seen, yes, it is a challenge, because we are used to the digital cameras of today, that you shoot a thousand photos and you can see them through the viewfinder ... and then you delete the card you want ... But in analog photography that luxury does not exist, you have to calculate the values ​​... you have to measure the light, think the scene , confront VERY GOOD and fast, because in your camera, you only have 36 photos, neither one more nor one less.

So, as I just started, and yes, I've just really started to learn from photography to the old ausanza, I would like to capture in this section, the process, evolution, which reels I use, which I like most, where I reveal them , like the scanning and a long etc.

I hope that you stay with me in this project and that of course ... you launch and encourage in such a beautiful world, as is analog photography.

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